Ushers the violin into fresh sonic territory.
Photo Credit: Geschmackrichtung Grün

Chris Baum is a contemporary violinist, composer, educator, and recording artist, best known for his work with Bent Knee. A pioneer of modern string technique, his strength lies in his versatility, consistently pushing boundaries while molding his playing to fit ensembles and genres often deemed unsuitable for the instrument. Trained in a demanding classical environment, Baum expanded his musical vocabulary at Berklee College of Music, where he studied contemporary repertoire under Eugene Friesen, Mimi Rabson, and Sheldon Mirowitz. He graduated with honors with a degree in film scoring and composition. 

Viciously talented... teemed with color and creativity.
— The Boston Globe

Chris' growing list of credits include collaborations with Bent Knee, The Dear Hunter, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Dropkick Murphys, Amanda Palmer, Symmetry, Art Decade, Ben Levin, Guy Mendilow, Jherek Bischoff, and the Video Game Orchestra, who recently featured him as a soloist at Boston’s Symphony Hall and on the ensemble's recent tours in China, Taiwan, and Japan. He currently resides in recording studios, tour buses, and Rockport, MA.

Expresses everything from pure beauty to nightmarish howls.
— BestNewBands

Bent Knee | Guy MendilowVGO |Ben Levin | Qwill | ElderFlux

Selected Discography
Video Game Orchestra - Capcom Live (2019)*
Robbie Fitzsimmons - Where Blue Meets Orange (2019)*
Ben Levin Group - Our Place (2018)
Doom Lover - Outside Voices (2018)
Lucid Creatures - Lucid Creatures (2018)
Cables and Lines - Meadow (2018)
Bent Knee - Land Animal (2017)
Guy Mendilow Ensemble - The Forgotten Kingdom (2017)
Astronauts of Albania - Astronauts of Albania (2017)
Ben Levin Group - People (2017)
Mike Slap - Break Me (2017)
Last Builders Of Empire - Hades (2017)
Yoko Shimomura - Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack (2016)
Bent Knee - Say So (2016)
ElderFlux - ElderFlux (2015)
The Dear Hunter - Live (2015)
Ben Levin Group - Freak Machine (2015)
Fox Harbor - Because of You, I (2015)
Wheat - Wishing Good Things for the World (2015)
Om Frequency - Penumbra (2015)
Bent Knee - Shiny Eyed Babies (2014)
Art Decade - Art Decade (2014)
Pyre Dove - Shallow Stepper (2014)
Video Game Orchestra - Live at Symphony Hall (2014)
The Dear Hunter - Migrant (2013)
Soul Review Project - Live at Dimension Sound Studios (2013)
Symmetry - Junky (2013)
Bent Knee - Live and Nearly Unplugged (2013)
Honey Circuit - Music for Roots (2013)
Dave Mackay - Flood (2013)
Larry and His Flask - By The Lamplight (2013)
Hillary Barleaux - Hillary Barleaux (2013)
Bored with Four - We Are Friends (2013)
Ben Levin Group - Invisible Paradise (2012)
Jaggery - Private Violence (2012)
Art Decade - Western Sunrise (2012)
Honey Circuit - Dissolving I (2012)
Perhaps - Volume One (2012)
The Devil’s Twins - Handsome Devils (2012)
Bent Knee - Bent Knee (2011)
Black Kettle - Narrative (2010)
Ben Levin Group - Pulse of a Nation (2010)
Wheat - White Ink, Black Ink (2009)
Dropkick Murphys - Meanest of Times (2007)
*upcoming release