Land Animal Album Stream (Consequence of Sound) / by Chris Baum

Thanks to Consequence of Sound, you can now listen to Bent Knee sell out and cash in on our "major label debut"! Land Animal comes out Friday. The article and full album stream is at Preorder the record at

A bit of insight on the album —

Life on earth primarily evolved out of the ocean, a habitat in which organisms freely move in three dimensions. Creatures outside of that environment, however, engage in a constant battle with gravity. Why didn’t we remain in the water? Land animals are explorers; survivors. In the midst of great struggle, we trudge ever forward. Each song on Land Animal tells the story of human survival in its own way. As complex social issues and technological breakthroughs continue to shape our evolution as a species, they echo our early efforts to step foot onto land.

Early praise for Land Animal:

"It’s very rare that an artist or band comes along that changes your perspective on music and art. Bent Knee have done just that." -Substream Magazine

"A perfect balance between innovation, accessibility, cognitively stirring discourse, emotional engagement and sheer, unmitigated entertainment." -Metal Discovery

"An exhilarating gust of fresh air." -Prog Report

"An all-encompassing vibe that manages to squeeze all parts of Bent Knee into optimal expression." -Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"As easily as the music makes you marvel, it provides delirious release." -WBUR

"A complex, thought-provoking art installation appreciable on multiple levels.” -Rock at Night