Secret Dog Brigade Label Launch Party 02.15 / by Chris Baum

Secret Dog Brigade is a new music label, artist collective, and a community, organized by myself and the good people behind Bent Knee, Ben Levin Group, That One Eyed Kid, Mr. Gavin's Meat Farm, and Justice Cow. With 8 musicians and 5 bands, we've been confusing our friends and audiences about who's doing what in who's band for years, so we've finally decided to come together as an official collective. 

At launch, SDB will be a humble, tiny label in a big sea of music, but we have big aspirations to turn it into a vibrant community and a resource that gives back to the musical/artistic community we're all in. If you're in the Boston area, please join us for our launch party on February 15th at Cuisine en Locale in Somerville, MA. All of the SDB bands will be performing, and Ben Levin Group will be playing the brand new record "Freak Machine" (out February 10th) in its entirety. We'll tell you more about who/what we are, and we'll have sign-ups and resources for future directions and ideas we want to explore. 

We want to connect all the dots between the musicians and artists we've met since we all moved to New England so put on your hippest shoes, pack your business cards, and let's have a great time! 

February 15th | $10 | Doors at 7PM