Allston Pudding Premieres "Ben Levin Group - Freak Machine" Music Video / by Chris Baum

Allston Pudding has just premiered the new music video for Ben Levin Group's Freak Machine

"Not for the faint of heart, the video by Greg Bowen features multiple computer monitors, skittles, lots of blood, and Ronald Reagan in lingerie drag. The editing techniques and set design create an uneasy vibe that work perfectly with the constantly evolving experimental prog rock track, oh and there’s also an incredible video game sequence! The 9-minute piece serves as part 1 of the four movement, thirty five minute epic Freak Machine.

Composer and guitarist Ben Levin has been writing long-form works since 2010’s Pulse of a Nation, each piece continuing to escalate in scope and scale. The band – Jed Lingat (bass), Courtney Swain (vocals), Josh Friedman (keyboards), Chris Baum (violin) and Tyler LeVander (drums) – all Berklee College of Music alumni, dazzle as well, navigating the score’s complexity with ease."

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