Hands Up - Video Premiere (NPR) / by Chris Baum

"Mind boggling... the grandest and subtlest ideas are on the table." -NPR

The ARTery has just premiered Hands Up, the third single and live video from Bent Knee's upcoming album, Say So (out 5/20). You can stream the song at https://youtu.be/sa9CXTvz7L4 and watch the live performance (from an upcoming concert film shot at The Space in Boston) at https://youtu.be/BwdUAdc2VcE

Via The ARTery:

"[Say So] is a dark, furiously dynamic album punctuated by moments of maddening virtuosity. Bent Knee’s music writhes with internal suspense; listening, you get the sense that its members are holding themselves barely in check, unleashing considerable technical skill with laser-like focus."

Read the full article at http://artery.wbur.org/2016/05/13/bent-knee-2