InWorlds MFA VR Installation Debut / by Chris Baum

InWorlds is a cutting-edge mixed reality performance that invites a volunteer into virtual reality to become a character in a live theater show.  They enter a mysterious world to help a brave and curious creature make sense of a tragedy.  With its unique “mixed reality” presentation, Inworlds lets the audience peer directly into a VR world by covering the entire stage with projected visuals.

During the performance, the audience (and volunteer) goes on a journey through fantastical worlds in a first-of-its-kind interaction between a live actor and virtual reality participant.  Avital Manor-Peleg brings her brilliant masked performance to the stage alongside the volunteer, exploring new forms of social interaction by combining improvisational theater and VR through a story of loss, miracles, friendships and discovery.

Chris Baum, Sound Design
Jon Carter, Design
Jeff Hesser, Art / Design
Dare Matheson, Art / Design
Mike Mandel, Creative Lead / Code
Avital Manor Peleg, Performer / Design
Guy Mendilow, Sound Design
Dawn Rivers, Art
Sam Okerstrom-Lang, Projection Mapping
Ethan Vogt, Creative Consultant
Jonathan Becker, Mask Design

Created by Secret Portal in association with Dudley Square Studios

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