Ben Levin Group Releases "Freak Machine - LIVE" by Chris Baum

A few months back, Ben Levin Group filmed a live in-studio performance of the recently released Freak Machine at The Record Company in Boston, MA. The concert is now available to be streamed in its entirety.

Movement I - https://youtu.be/SYw3gdMwro0

Movement II - https://youtu.be/v2pvF_bG7Q8

Movement III - https://youtu.be/-1XuDMsYNks

Movement IV - https://youtu.be/1aUyTlRomXM

The music video for the first movement, directed by Greg Bowen, can be viewed at https://youtu.be/5t0ex229Pkk

Listen to 'Freak Machine' at https://benlevingroup.bandcamp.com/album/freak-machine